The Young Changemakers Community enables, inspires and connects students and starters to kick-start or advance an impact driven career. The community is hosted by Starters4Communities, Impact HUB Amsterdam and partners.

Community Building

Young Changemakers Community #8

Many successful social innovations are based upon building active participative communities to scale their impact. Communities fit with current trends and (young) people’s desire for a purposeful career and becoming a change agent. The value of online communities is increasing with enormous technological possibilities with social media, e-learning and participative platforms. Effective marketing is no longer centered around “sending”, but all about “engaging” the customer and connect them with your story.


As a response we see rising demand for community professionals. A job often vaguely defined. During this Young Changemakers Event you acquire knowledge and skills in effectively building and managing a community around your idea or for an organisation. Of course we will create an inspirational setting with real cases to work on posted by social entrepreneurs looking to strengthen the communities around their concept.

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The following organisations would love to connect with you:

SnappCar’s mission is to reduce the number of cars in Europe with 5 million by 2022. By sharing cars together we can free up space in our Western European cities. Residents get to meet new neighbours and connect with them whilst bringing down the car-production. A strong and engaged SnappCar community is fundamental to achieving this goal. Let’s waste less and share more.”

OneWorld is the Dutch leading multimedia platform on global development issues and sustainability. OneWorld has built a powerful community of Dutch citizens with an interest in global solidarity and the urge to explore their own possibilities to be part of it. OneWorld is their link to the world through their monthly magazine, events and website. They would love to hear your ideas to make their community even stronger.

Starters4Communities has started the Young Changemakers Community in October 2016. With monthly gatherings students and starters connect to get inspired and learn about social innovations, acquire 21st century skills and strengthen their network and career opportunities. The events are well attended and the community is steadily growing. How can we take it to the next level? How can we add value for you?

Community Building – Young Changemakers Community #8

• Tuesday 13th June
• Impact HUB Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2c
• 6.45pm registration
• Event 7pm – 9pm
Free event!

We start the event with a short workshop in community building and introduce our community building canvas.

Social entrepereneurs share their inspiring stories and introduce their community building challenge.

We put our brilliant minds together to help these entrepreneurs strengthen their community strategies.

Why join?
To get inspired, learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers and entrepreneurs. And to have a good time!

Register via the link below and follow the Facebook event for updates
Register via the link Free event!

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