Young Changemakers Community – Personal Leadership

Starters4Communities, Impact HUB and partners host this community for young people who want to kick-start or advance an impact driven career. It enables, inspires and connects young people to start their own social enterprise, take on social challenges together or find work with impact driven employers.

The community provides inspiration, networks, problem solving power, a testing stage, workshops, matching events and more! There are sessions at the Impact HUB Amsterdam on the second Tuesday of every month.

Personal leadership- Young changemakers community #6 – April 11

Personal leadership is a term we hear frequently. But what is it, how can it help you advance your career and how can you develop these skills?

Leadership is often approached in terms of one’s ability to understand and direct our external environment including people, organizations, and events. Personal Leadership takes the view that to succeed professionally one needs to develop another dimension of leadership consisting of the ability to understand and direct one’s internal environment – goals, motivations, mind-set, and emotions.

During this evening you will learn to craft your personal stories based upon ‘the power of why’ and ‘the future to present’, and will learn to use this to inspire the people that you want to lead.


  • Tuesday April 11
  • Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2c
  • 6.45pm registration for a 7pm start.
  • Free event! Sign up here.

About the workshop facilitator Saléve
Starting and running an enterprise is a challenging endeavour. You need ambition, the right skills and the necessary means. However, whether your product is a framework, a platform, a service, a physical place or something else, you can’t do it alone. Especially in the social work sphere, where changemakers work to help change the world for the better, it is not easy to succeed. Saléve represents a large network of investors, professionals and volunteers. People that are committed to help build a better world using their unique talents. This evening they will put their knowledge to use to inspire you.

We start the event with inspiring stories of other changemakers and leaders around the globe.

We continue with the Personal Leadership Workshop. You will discover your personal WHY and craft this into your personal story. How can you use this to inspire your team, boss or colleagues?

We end the evening with drinks and reflect on the lessons learned.

Why join?
Get inspired, learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers. And have a good time!

Register via the link below and follow the Facebook event for updates on speakers, hosts and pitches!
Free event! Klick here to register

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